How do you choose a business partner, service provider, staff, software etc. etc. There are abundance of choices, too many perhaps. The process and time taken to find the right one is never easy for any decision maker. We have been there and we know how it feels.



When you speak to us, you will sense our passion in helping you solving your accounting challenges. It is in our blood.


All talk and no action is not our strong suit. We are all about hands-on and making things happen.


We strongly believe that keeping proper accounting records is the key to success in any businesses as figures don’t lie.

QuickBooks Online Subscription
It has never been so easy to start using an accounting software. Transfering all your manual work and computerizing them reduce the hours that you need to get stuck in this chores and use the extra time to grow the business.
QuickBooks Online Training
If you want to further reduce the time taken to start using QuickBooks Online, we provide onsite hands-on training to you and your staff.  Each training session is interactive and progressive. We will guide you every step of the way.
QuickBooks Online Setup
Yes, we did say it is easy to start using an accounting software but if you have no experience in setting up or simply don't have the resources to do it, you can engage us to set it up for you. If you would like to see how we do it, just sign up for a Training session and it will be done at your premises.
We all know the importance of growing business, otherwise what is the point of setting up one. Doing what you do best is all it takes.  Outsouring is the way to go if you want to free yourself on what you are destined to do - building the business. We can help you with :
- Book-keeping and Accounting (obviously we uses QBO).
- Administration (anything from filing to internal control to check   and balances).
- Understanding what are allowable business expenses.
Other Services
- Corporate Secretarial Services
- Tax Services
- Internal Auditing
- Business Consulting & Support
- HR Cloud Software
When you are ready to embark on the journey......
We will get in touch with you

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